Involvement in our research

Kim P. C. Kuypers

Social Neuropsychopharmacological Research with Psychedelics

I receive a lot of questions (by email) from students, job-seekers, patients, journalists and people who want to participate in our studies. Seen the amount I cannot always answer (timely) and therefore I devoted this page to some FAQ.


It is difficult to say when a new study will start. We offer internship spots but give priority to our own master students.


All openings will be posted on


Please send me your questions beforehand via email so that I can answer whenever I have time. We can then make a phone-call appointment to fine-tune things if still needed.


Currently there are no classical psychedelics available as approved medicines to treat specific conditions. A lot of working is being done currently to understand whether they can work and how. It will still take some time before it can be offered as alternative treatments in regular health care.


We put our studies on facebook and our website:

We will only recruite/include participants who live in the region (the Netherlands, province of Limburg)

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